Your probably here because you are feeling anxious, low mood. You are unhappy with where you are in life but unsure where to start to make a change.  You just don’t feel like yourself.   You are ready to transform but not to sure where to turn.


You worry that if you talk to family or friends, this will burden them. Sometimes we need someone to listen without judging us or telling us what we should do.

You need time and freedom to explore your issues, find the solutions and work out what you need to do.

Do you want to make sense of things and make changes. We will be with you to facilitate these changes.

Maybe you want to make peace, find happiness and find that missing piece to your puzzle.


You feel want to talk through your feelings with someone, either in a counselling room or outdoors.

Send us an email, call us and sign up for your Initial Consultation  where we will support you in whatever is necessary to achieve your vision.



For an Initial Consultation; find out more about counselling and talk more about your concerns contact:


Lisa Shaw on 07807204412

Rachel Butcher on 07855652753.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/onthehorizoncounselling/