Questions people ask us!

1. What actually happens in the sessions?

Rachel or Lisa will be with you and help you develop skills and techniques so you are able keep/remain calm. Rachel or Lisa will listen to you deeply on many levels. Rachel or Lisa will help you to get in touch with your emotions and feelings in a gentle way which feels safe and manageable. Rachel or Lisa will help you piece your life together again, so everything makes sense and not a whirlwind of emotions and worries.

We provide a confidential and accepting relationship where we have clear boundaries so  you feel understood.

2. Where do the sessions take place?

The 1-1 counselling sessions will take place at On the Horizon Counselling Services CIC 11688279 Studio 3, Foxlowe Creative Hub, Market Place, Leek, ST13 6AD and also within our therapeutic space at Serenity Therapeutic Farm.

Walk and Talk Therapy sessions take place in within local parks, woodland or green space to you throughout Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent, we would discuss this at our initial meeting.

3. How much do you charge?

If you are interested in finding out more about Lisa or myself (Rachel)  approach to counselling and what to expect then our Initial Meeting will be £25 for the hour, then for further sessions we charge £35 for 1-1 sessions, Outdoors Therapy is £35 for the hour, Group sessions/workshops will start from £10 a person to £20 a person, Corporate/Workplace counselling sessions from £40 an hour also for SKYPE and VSEE sessions we charge £30 an hour and £20 an hour for email counselling.

4. How many sessions will I need?

This depends on what you are wanting out of counselling and the difficulties you are bringing.

1 or 2 sessions for some people are enough to get people back on track with things, but this is not very often.

We usually suggest keep coming every week and then after 6 we will reassess and discuss how things are going, usually after this then people may continue for longer term work. This entirely depends on what you want from the sessions

5. Can you guarantee me that it will work?

Sorry, but unfortunately no, we cannot guarantee that our individual way of working will work for you.  There is not a one size theory fits all clients.

6. When can I start?

After you have made an enquiry we will aim to speak with you on that day which is free over the phone or internet, then arrange for you to come and meet one of us for an Initial Meeting to discuss more about what is bringing you to counselling and find out more about us.

We are looking forward to have a conversation with you.

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