Here are a few testimonials from previous clients we have seen for counselling.

Came for Outdoors Counselling (Walk and Talk therapy)

” I really appreciate everything and I’m feeling so much better getting everything out in the open. Learning what’s going on in my head and getting me to look at it from an outside perspective definitely something I never would have done before. I now take time out and look after myself too. I thank you for that. You have helped me more than you know and I can’t thank you enough for that”

” I found this a good alternative to being in a counselling room. I  have a sense of freedom and feel more able to unburden myself”

” I love walking and I also love talking so I thought Id try this. I did feel really weird at first but Rachel stood with me and helped me to hear what was around me and what was going on within me. Then I talked loads and I still do. These chats we have have empowered me to not take any XXXX any more from the person I came here about in the first place, so thank you so much for that courage.”